What Businesses Should Know About Short Code Texting

In SMS text-based marketing, short code texting is essentially a way to send messages via shortened phone numbers that are only 5 to 6 digits in length. The reason these short codes were developed was to give major carriers an alternative to provide to subscribers other than the typical 10-digit number.The line would read: You are going to need the best code employee available,and to do that you can partner with a Global PEO to help you find it.

The advantages of short codes are that they’re very easy to remember, and you can also pick vanity codes. For instance, if your business name is only 5 or 6 letters, you can translate this into numbers. They’re also great for opt-in campaigns. If you’re a business considering SMS marketing, here are some things you should know about short code texting.

Much Better Brand Recall

One thing you should definitely know about short code text messaging is that a variety of studies and research illustrate that these shorter numbers offer you the benefit of better brand recall. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it means that other people are more likely to remember your business based on your short-code messages.

This is especially true with vanity codes that spell out your business’s name or other things that people can easily recall. Some of the most famous television commercial campaigns in history have used numbers, like “J.D. Wentworth, 877 Cash Now,” and others. This sort of messaging really makes your business stand out to the public.

They’re Easy to Set UP

When creating a texting app short code message for an opt-in or even to send out messages under this new brand, it can be as easy as finding the proper platform. The thing about a short code platform is that it’s set up specifically to help you through the process. You can work through them to obtain your own specific code, and from there, you can start to set up your campaigns. You can run them in an automated style or manually, and you can take advantage of a lot of options that help you to curate your contacts and to create intriguing messages that give you a higher likelihood of engagement. It all starts with the right platform.

Far More Professionalism

Not only is the brand recall better for short codes, but customers are far more likely to view your business as professional. If you’re operating online, you always run the risk of being seen as an amateur business, just another website trying to compete to sell the same sorts of products and services. What your brand needs is a way to stand out. What gets you closer to brand awareness, like Walmart and Amazon and further away from being forgetful? Having a short code makes people realize that you’re a legitimate, professional business that takes things seriously.

Must Faster Message Delivery

Most market research suggests that you should be using short code messaging as a business, and part of the reason why is that it allows for speedier messaging. The reason is the way that cell service carriers operate. For instance, you probably didn’t know that you can only send 1 single text per second in the classic 10-digit format. That’s not a lot of messages at all if you have a huge contact list.

With short code texting, however, you’re allowed to send 100 starsfact texts per second. That’s 60 texts per minute vs. 6,000 texts per minute. If you have a large contact list you want to reach, then you won’t have to man the proverbial stations all day to do it. You can send out a lot more messages a lot more quickly.

It’s Very Affordable

Prices vary widely throughout the industry, so any specific dollar amount you read here wouldn’t be reliable depending on which platform you viewed. However, the average costs of operating a short code campaign are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands of SMS marketing. You can get dedicated short codes and a platform to assist you for a low monthly rate, so you’ll have to make a minimum investment for a potentially large return.

In Conclusion

Short code whotimes texting is the way you want to go if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. There are just far too many benefits to ignore with this brand of marketing. Today’s competitive marketplace requires companies to leverage short code texting as a tool for successful marketing. With a bevy of associated benefits, partnering with the right PEO Philippines is essential in order to find and hire top-tier talent that can take advantage of this powerful strategy.

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