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The 10 Major Systems of an Automobile

Modern vehicles contain numerous systems, such as an engine, braking system, and suspension. While these systems have evolved over the last 100 years, the main component of an automobile remains the engine. The engine transforms chemical energy into mechanical energy. The most common type of engine is the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). A car’s body is made of multiple parts, including the body, wheels, and suspension.

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A modern automobile is comprised of thousands of parts arranged into a series of semi-independent systems. The human circulatory system consists of blood vessels, muscles, and organs. The automobile has analogous circulatory systems for coolant fluid, lubricating oil, and fuel. The engine is the “heart” of an automobile, and is made up of cylinders and pistons. The other parts of the engine make up the rest of the vehicle.

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The most important system of an automobile is the suspension. It absorbs changes in road surfaces and helps the vehicle handle the road better. The front wheels are used for steering and the rear wheels operate independently for smoothness. Several systems work together to reduce the overall height of the vehicle and help it handle a variety of terrain. The suspension system also provides a level of cushion for the driver during a bumpy ride.

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The electrical system is composed of three major components. Each part of the electrical system interacts with the others, so any flaw in one part will affect other parts. The battery provides energy to the starter and alternator, and if any of these parts are not working properly, the vehicle will not start or run correctly. The battery is the most important part of the electrical system, and it is the source of most of the car’s power.

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The electrical system is the most complex of all the systems in an automobile. It consists of several components and functions. The electrical system provides energy to the starter and alternator. These parts are cyclically interdependent, and a fault in one part will affect other parts of the system. If one component is malfunctioning, the car will not start, and it will be difficult to operate as intended. Fortunately, the electrical system is easy to repair and is relatively cheap to maintain.

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Modern automobiles have dozens of components and are composed of thousands of parts. Among them are the engine and other major components. These are vital to the functioning of the automobile. Without them, a car is no good, and may even pose danger to its occupants. This is why it is vital that the automobile is a highly complex machine. The simplest models have one or two main components, while the largest cars are built with several different types.

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