How to Upgrade to the New Windows 11 OS From Windows 10

While there are a few differences between the new Windows 11 os and its predecessor, both have a lot of positives. Windows 11 offers a feature-rich experience and should work with most applications and devices. However, the transition from Windows 10 is not without its downsides. While there are a number of new features included in Windows 11, many old features are worldnewsfact not fully supported on the new operating system.

Before upgrading your computer, make sure to back up your data. Windows 10 comes preinstalled, but if you already have Windows 11, you can easily downgrade travelnowworld and install Windows 11. However, most users will be better off sticking with the OS that is designed for their PC.

Microsoft is gradually rolling out Windows 11 to PCs, but it may be a while before you receive the free upgrade. While some PCs won’t qualify for the upgrade right away, travellworldnow Microsoft is planning to make the new operating system available to all eligible PCs by the middle of 2022. You can check if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 by downloading the PC Health Check app.

The new operating system is a lot more user-friendly than its predecessor. It has a streamlined look with rounded corners and a new Start menu. It has also removed the annoying volume UI, and added a few new features. One of these new features is Snap Assist, which allows you to snap apps and windows to interact with the keyboard and mouse toonily.

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