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How to Uninstall iTop VPN

If you’ve ever used a VPN and wondered how to uninstall it, you’re not alone. If you’re looking to uninstall iTop VPN from your computer, you’re in luck! The uninstall process is incredibly simple! Follow the instructions below to remove the software. You can also uninstall the app manually. First, right-click the iTop product you wish to uninstall and then follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you can open Control Panel in your Windows PC and choose the “Programs” category. From here, select the iTop product and click Uninstall.

Once you’ve deleted the VPN program, you can find the files and folders it created on your computer. You can either open the Task Manager or search for program files to locate them. If you haven’t done this, you may want to reboot your PC so Windows will have a chance to delete the files it has locked. After rebooting, you should find the VPN leftovers in the folders named “Program Files” or “Program Data.”

Advanced Uninstaller PRO will show you a star rating, which describes the opinion of other users of the app. Click on the star rating to read more about the program. Once you’ve finished reading the reviews, click on “Uninstall” to uninstall iTop VPN. You should then see a confirmation dialog. Advanced Uninstaller PRO will remove the app from your PC. That’s all! There you have it!

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