Fort Wayne’s Laws on Fleeing The Site of an Accident

Fort Wayne, Indiana law, mandates that all drivers involved in auto accidents follow several protocols right away, the most crucial being that they stop as soon as possible. Additionally, you would have to provide data with the other person, whether they were a pedestrian or another driver. 

Every accident defers and has separate consequences, depending on the degree of damage and injuries it causes. Both motorists would be held legally accountable for their roles in the collision, with some facing penalties or fines to compensate for the other. Contacting a Fort Wayne auto accident attorney in such cases is crucial.

After a collision, young or drunk drivers frequently become upset and leave the scene without providing data or inspecting the opposing party. This puts both their safety and that of the other party in peril. If they have been hurt or their car has been damaged, continuing to drive could result in more damage. A traffic ticket will be the minimum punishment for failing to stop after a collision or following the correct steps.

What Are the Hit-and-Run Laws in Indiana?

In Indiana, it is either a felony or a misdemeanor to flee the site of an accident. In Indiana, a hit-and-run charge is classified as a Class A misdemeanor. If found guilty of hit-and-run, the maximum sentence is one year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

You could face serious felony charges if the accident leaves the other party seriously hurt or dead. The most severe charge you might receive in a single-car collision is a Level 3 misdemeanor.

What Are the Punishments in Indiana for a Crash and Run?

A person who flees the site of the accident risks receiving a fine of thousands of dollars and time in the county or state prison. Reparation judgments may also be made, compelling you to start paying back losses for things like medical expenses or property damage. Penalties may also include probation and community service.

In addition, your license will likely be suspended or revoked for the least a few months. Making poor decisions can also increase your auto insurance and other minishortner expenditures. Any hit-and-run victim will frequently attempt to file a claim for property damage or personal injury. It will be quite challenging to defend against that claim without an expert attorney. Your attorney should make every effort to offer reasonable and fair legal services and never relentlessly pursue justice for their client.

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