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Fire Roasted Hatch Green Chiles

If you’ve never had fire roasted Hatch green chiles, you’re missing out. Originally from New Mexico, this chili is packed with a bold smoky flavor that will take you back to the Southwest. There are several ways to prepare them, but the best way is to roast them to bring out the fullest flavor. While steaming is a convenient way to prepare the spicy treat, it’s not recommended, and it’s also a wasteful way to cook the chiles. To loosen the skins, place the hot chiles in a paper bag.



If you can’t find fire-roasted hatch green chiles, you can use any long green chile. You can also buy canned or jarred versions. Typically, you’ll get about 1/4 cup of the roasted green chiles when using the canned variety. However, if you’re really spicier, you can use canned or jarred green chiles. But remember to make sure that you purchase fresh chiles if you’re unsure of their quality.



To fire-roast Hatch chiles, first place the chiles on a grill or a gas stove. You can also use a torch or a baking sheet in an oven. Place them at least 6 inches from the flames. Then, cover the pan or bowl with a rimmed baking sheet and place the chiles in it for about 15 minutes. The heat from the flames will open up the skin and allow the chiles to release their spicy flavor quoteamaze

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