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Catholic Pre Marital Investigation

When a couple is about to get married, it is important to undergo a pre marital investigation. Catholics follow strict laws in this regard. The marriage preparation process begins by having the couple fill out the “MA Form,” which details background information, sacramental records, and freedom to marry. The priest will also witness answers to questions about the couple’s intentions. A second step of the pre marital investigation is the completion of the “FOCCUS” test, which measures the couple’s level of communication. The couple must register for this program before taking the test.

The Archdiocese of New York organizes two separate programs for Catholic couples planning to get married in the same church: Focus on Marriage and Pre-Cana. For details about these programs, contact your parish’s consulting priest. Then, make an appointment with the presiding priest to gather all the necessary documents and complete the pre-marital investigation. Once this is done, the couple will be assigned a rehearsal date.

A formal pre-marital investigation is necessary for a Catholic couple planning to get married in the Catholic church. Sometimes called a “pre-nuptial investigation,” this process certifies the couple’s freedom to marry in the Catholic Church. Additionally, it is also necessary for baptized Catholics to submit a copy of their baptismal certificate to the church. The certificate must be dated within six months before the wedding date sccbuzz

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